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Anniversary Gifts: 10th anniversary gift

Tens of millions of wedding anniversary cards are given each year, from wife to husband, husband to wife, children to parents, or parents to son or daughter.

Each wedding anniversary is celebrated by giving a gift made from a different material traditionally or in modern custom.

Traditional ten year wedding anniversary gift: tin or aluminium
Modern 10 year anniversary gift: diamond jewelry

10th anniversary gift ideas

  • personalised number plate
  • digital camera
  • yin of caviar
  • tin sign for his office
  • aluminium watch
  • video cell phone for couple
  • heart diamond jewelry
  • the twelve colorful stones of the zodiac

A Vacation Home Ten years together is a milestone in a marriage and because of this it should be celebrated in grand style and with a great 10th anniversary gift. If you are looking for ideas then consider buying a vacation home together. Most couples celebrating their 10th anniversary are in their thirties and in many cases can afford a vacation home. There is nothing like having a great place to go and relax at the beach, mountains, or at any other destination you love. There are lots of vacation homes that are not that expensive or that you could buy and then fix up to make it all your own.

A Diamond Right Hand Ring Women love to feel appreciated and loved and they really love for their husbands to show them with jewelry! So, a great 10th anniversary gift for your wife is a diamond right hand ring. She already has her wedding rings on her left hand, but her right hand is bare and needs some beautiful jewelry from her husband. There are many different styles of diamond right hand rings from the classic past, present, and future ring to other styles. Make sure you buy your wife a style that will complement her wedding rings. And, don't worry about how your wife will react to this type of a 10th anniversary gift. She will be ecstatic!


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