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Anniversary Gifts: 2nd Anniversary Gift

Tens of millions of wedding anniversary cards are given each year, from wife to husband, husband to wife, children to parents, or parents to son or daughter.

Each wedding anniversary is celebrated by giving a gift made from a different material traditionally or in modern custom.

Traditional 2 year anniversary gift: cotton
Modern two year anniversary gift: china

2nd anniversary gift ideas:

  • personalised T-shirt with your wedding date
  • boxers or other attractive underwear for him
  • sexy cotton lingerie for you
  • unique art made of cotton
  • cotton towels with hearts
  • a love poem on coton towels
  • Hammock
  • new bed linen
  • personalized book
  • customized novel
  • miniature tea set
  • coffee cup

A Romantic Weekend Together Your second anniversary is approaching and you don't know what type of gift to give. It's difficult because your wedding was a huge deal and your first anniversary was pretty big, too. But now that your second anniversary has rolled around you don't feel like you can keep up the big gift giving forever. So, how about giving something special instead? A really special gift for the two of you would be a romantic weekend together with no cell phones, computers, or influence from the outside world. Book a room in a bed and breakfast and take off. You will love recharging your relationship and you will realize a great gift doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

Furniture Furniture is an excellent second anniversary gift and it is something both spouses can go in on. That's because furniture is expensive and also both spouses will want to have some input. So, decide for your second anniversary to buy a new bedroom suite or else choose new living room furniture. It is a great way to celebrate your anniversary, decorate your home, and show your love for one another. Just don't get in a fight over what furniture you want to pick out and you will love giving furniture to one another as a second anniversary gift.


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