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Anniversary Gifts: silver anniversary gifts

Tens of millions of wedding anniversary cards are given each year, from wife to husband, husband to wife, children to parents, or parents to son or daughter.

Each wedding anniversary is celebrated by giving a gift made from a different material traditionally or in modern custom.

Traditional Twenty-fifth anniversary gift: silver

Modern 25th wedding anniversary gift: silver

25th anniversary gift ideas:

  • photo with silver frame
  • a new watch
  • digital camera
  • iPod
  • cell phone
  • laptop computer
  • silver key ring
  • Tiffany's silver collection
  • silver ring inscribed with wedding date
  • silver anniversary wedding band

Silver Plates The 25th anniversary is known as the silver anniversary, but did you know this has a bearing on the gift you should give? Typically silver should be given no matter what type of silver anniversary gifts you are considering. Silver plates, platters, sculptures, jewelry, silverware, or anything of this nature may be given as long as it is silver. Perhaps a sterling silver tea service or a silver flower vase. No matter the gift it really should be composed of silver in whole or part for this anniversary. Other anniversaries you can get away with gifts that are not what is considered traditional, but silver anniversary gifts really should be composed of silver!

Silver Goblets When considering silver anniversary gifts you should definitely take into consideration silver goblets. At this stage of a marriage couples typically have plenty of social engagements where something as nice as silver goblets could be used and enjoyed. Any wife would appreciate a service of silver goblets for her 25th wedding anniversary. You can find beautiful silver goblets at jewelry stores, department stores, and even online. Do some research to find the most beautiful silver goblets and this will be a fabulous 25th anniversary gift.


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