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Anniversary Gifts: 30th Anniversary gift

Tens of millions of wedding anniversary cards are given each year, from wife to husband, husband to wife, children to parents, or parents to son or daughter.

Each wedding anniversary is celebrated by giving a gift made from a different material traditionally or in modern custom.

Traditional thirtieth anniversary gift: pearls

Modern 30 year anniversary gift: pearls

30th anniversary gift ideas:

  • Oyster dinner
  • pearl cufflinks
  • digital camera
  • iPod
  • cell phone
  • mother-of-pearl mosaic photo frame
  • Coral-coloured tie
  • Coral cufflinks

A Second Honeymoon After 30 years of togetherness you want to give a 30th anniversary gift that is out of this world. And what could be better than a second honeymoon? Travel to the same places you traveled on your first honeymoon, but really go first class. If your first honeymoon wasn't that great or you don't want to return to the same location then pick a destination you have been dreaming of visiting and head there. Whatever you do make sure that this 30th anniversary gift is one that will remembered for many years to come and certainly enjoyed while on vacation.

A Luxury Car Has your wife always dreamed of a luxury car but never had one? What better time to buy her one than for her 30th anniversary gift. The same goes for men. Purchase the vehicle or motorcycle of his dreams. By this stage in a marriage most of the children are out of the house and on their own and so they have a little more cash flow. That makes buying a new luxury vehicle a perfect option for either spouse! However, it might be a good idea to talk about this purchase and pick out the vehicle together since it's a major investment.


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