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Baby Gift Ideas: 1st Birthday Gifts

A baby’s first birthday is one of the most important milestones in their little lives. This celebrates a whole year of “firsts” and marks the year anniversary of when a family was born. First birthday presents can be personalized items or one of the many cool toys that are age appropriate. A child only gets their first birthday cake and first birthday presents once, so help make it a memorable one!

Growth Chart - Get the little one a personalized growth chart that they can see “how big” they get every year! These can be made with almost any character or theme, so it can match baby’s personality, or their bedroom. Also, getting their name printed on it makes it extra special for the child. Some are even made to add pictures, so their growth really can be seen. Pick from many different types of growth charts to show how fast they grow up!

Plush Blanket/ Pillow Pet - The great part about the first birthday is that the baby is still small enough for all the cute items they have on the market. Get them a blanket or pillow in the shape of their favorite animal. These unroll with Velcro to form a nap mat type blanket or a plush and friendly pillow. A stuffed animal pet that doubles as a cuddly pillow or blanket is such a sweet thing. This is sure to be one of their new best friends!

Personalized Book - There are many different storybooks that can be personalized to have the child as the main character. These are bound to spark an enormous imagination if the child gets to see and hear themselves in their very own book! Pick from different story lines that fit what the child likes and watch them fall in love with reading at an early age! Some of these books can also have audio recorded with it, so hearing mom’s or dad’s voice could also guarantee magic in the child’s eyes!

Keepsake 1st photo frame - Get something that both the parents will treasure and the child will look back in wonder when they are older with a 1st Birthday picture frame. This frame has a space for 2 pictures, one of the baby as a newborn and one of the child on their first birthday. It also includes a First Birthday poem to marks this special day. There is also an envelope attached to the back for the person giving the gift or the parents to write a letter for the child when they are older. This is something that everyone will adore!

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