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Baby Gift Ideas: Baby Shower or New Baby Gifts

Despite the adorable decorations and silly games, a baby shower is a time to get the mother-to-be all set and ready for her new arrival! If the couple or parent has made a registry, then gift shopping should be easy as A, B, C. For those who didn’t create a registry or if you want to get something truly unique, there are plenty of ideas that will get some “ooh’s” and “awe’s” at the shower. Surprise the new parent with something they didn’t even know they needed or get a personalized gift that will melt the hearts of everyone. Either way, you can never go wrong with any type of baby gift.

Layette Set - Shopping for newborns can be a little intimidating, so going with a Layette set as a gift never fails. This can be for a boy, a girl, or gender neutral. Layette sets are perfect for new parents as a baby shower gift because a baby can never have too many cute clothes with matching blankets, bibs, and booties. Layette sets cover everything a newborn baby needs to wear, so the parents will be just as thankful!

Personalized Blanket - A personalized blanket as a baby gift is just as precious to the parents as it is to the baby. This is something that is specially made and can be kept and passed on from generation to generation. These can be used as actual blankets or as decoration for the nursery. Getting the baby’s name embroidered in a blanket really makes a great gift and with so many different styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one!

Baby jewelry - Getting something that can eventually become an heirloom or keepsake mean just as much as the cute, tiny shoes or the stuffed giraffe. There are so many different types of baby jewelry available that finding that special piece is easier than ever. Get the birth date and name engraved so it becomes a very personal and adored gift. The parents will love having something so special for their new baby and this gift will do just that.

Meal gift set - What better way to help new parents out then to get all the eating essentials as a gift set? With the clever sayings you can find on bibs, you are sure to get the cutest and funniest gift that will put a smile on the parents face even if the baby is covered in food. These gifts sets usually follow a theme, so you are bound to find the more adorable shaped plate, matching sippy cup, baby spoon, and bib. This is a great gift to give as the parents will soon learn that their baby seems to eat and sleep most of time!

Other gift ideas:

  • Bathing/ bath set
  • Plush stuffed animal
  • Rattles
  • Personalized shelf
  • Booties, socks
  • Toy box
  • Diaper gift set
  • Nursery lamp
  • Mobile
  • Crib bedding
  • Soft books
  • Personalized piggy bank
  • Keepsake hand/foot print


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