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Baby Gift Ideas: Christening/ Baptism Gifts

A christening or Baptism is the celebration of a new gift from God. A new family is blessed with a beautiful baby. Any gift on this occasion will be cherished and kept for a lifetime, so make it an exceptional one. Commemorate this day by having a cross personalized or with a special blessing on a plaque. No matter what the gift is, this is a joyous moment and will stay in the hearts of many people.

Personalized Cross - Expressing ones faith is easy with a beautiful cross engraved with the childís name and birth date or baptism date. This can be a wooden, glass, crystal, or porcelain cross and any of these would make a wonderful gift. Some have a little boy or girl attached to the cross to personalize it a little more. Some even have the option for a longer script to be engraved. This is a perfect baptism or christening gift for any child!

Babyís First Christmas Ornament - What better way to create the best keepsake than with a babyís first Christmas ornament? These can be personalized with the babyís name and the year of their first Christmas. This is a beautiful gift to give any new family as it will hang on their tree every year until that ornament is passed down to child when they are grown. Itís a great way to mark babyís first celebration of Christmas and can come in any style, character, or theme you can think of!

Childrenís Bible - To be able to give a child their first Bible is momentous. Find a childrenís bible that has every bible story written for young readers in mind. The childís name can be engraved on the front cover as well as a place to indicate who presented this bible to the child. There is no other gift more perfect than a childís first bible to observe their christening.

Guardian Angel Medallions - Give the gift of a guardian angel to watch over Godís new creation! A personalized guardian angel medallion is a brilliant baptism gift. Give the sense of comfort and safety by hanging a guardian angel on the babyís crib. Parents will cherish this gift just as much as the child will when they are older. The name, birth date, and christening date can all be engraved on the back making it extra unique. This is a gift that can be passed down from generation to generation all the while providing protection from the angels above!

Other gift ideas:

  • Bib and blanket set
  • Keepsake box
  • Christening picture frame
  • Personalized blessing on a plague
  • Baptismal jewelry
  • Baby bible stories, storybook
  • Baby rosary
  • Prayer plague
  • Personalized bible cover
  • Angel wings shirt
  • Embroidered quilt
  • Christening stuffed lamb
  • Music box
  • Personalized handkerchief


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