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Baby Gift Ideas: New Mom Gifts

New momís need love too as they are the one who has carried the baby for nine long months and went through the labor and delivery. It is the new mom who will suffer from lack of sleep and forget the sound of silence. So, to congratulate the new mom, get her something that is just for her. Make her feel that she is just as special and important and deserves a little TLC as well. Whether the baby is taken off her hands for an afternoon, or a new piece of jewelry, she is sure to appreciate this gift more than you can imagine!

Salon Day - Even just a simple hair cut, color, and make-up can make her feel like a million bucks again. Itís amazing what simple things like these can do on the outside as well as the inside. Get her booked to get her hair done and her make-up done and she will be beyond grateful. Some momís put all their energy into their newborns that they donít take time for themselves, so this is the perfect gift to get her back on track and to tell her she deserves all the care in the world!

Charm/ Birthstone Jewelry - Commemorate all her hard work and reaching this milestone with a piece of jewelry that represents just that. A charm that symbolizes motherhood in some way will mean so much to her as that is what she identifies with now. A jewelry item that has the momís, dadís, and new babyís birthstones on it would really show the strong bond between family and she can display that as a necklace or bracelet.

Comparison Photo Collage - What better way to connect a new family together than to create a picture collage of babyís first picture and a baby picture of mom and dad? Find a beautiful 3 photo picture frame and include these pictures so everyone can see and the resemblance of each parent in their new baby. This will be sure to a favorite for a new mom and anyone else who will get to see it displayed.

Gift Card Package - A new mom brings so many unexpected things, especially things you never even knew you needed or existed. Gather up a gift package of gift cards to various places that you know the new mom will need something from. This can range from a baby store, to a convenient store, to groceries. This will be a welcomed as it can make running those impromptu errands a breeze. Being a new mom means stepping on a whole new territory, so giving her a heads up with some things she may need from some places will be greatly appreciated.

Other gift ideas:

  • After pregnancy skin care
  • Coffee/ Espresso maker
  • Handbag, carryall
  • Professional photography
  • Nursing pillow
  • Housecleaning service
  • Food delivery service
  • Mommy night out
  • Margarita/ Martini mix
  • Parenting books
  • Fashion magazines


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