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Birthday Gift Ideas: Online UK Florist saves the Day

Natalie Aranda

Here it is Thursday afternoon, and Evelyn sees no break in her hectic schedule for the weekend. She has a presentation due on Monday morning and a meeting on Saturday most of the day with her team. The bad part is, her favorite auntís birthday is on Saturday and she is turning 65 years old and this is one birthday that Evelyn did not want to miss.

She thought maybe she could rush through the meeting but there is no way she could make it in time from London, UK to Birmingham, UK to attend the festivities that the family has planned. The worst part of it all is that now it is too late for her to even go out shopping for a unique gift and have it arrive on time.

Before leaving work, she talks with some of her friends and they suggest sending flowers, but all the florist are now closed it is 7pm at night, and she has a meeting with an associate at 8am when the florist opens. She goes home, feeling defeated, not knowing what to do, she gets on her computer and just types in ďflowers in London and flower shop LondonĒ, then "online florist Birmingham and flowers delivery Birmingham", and her dismay quickly turns into triumph.

She clicks on a link for a florist and learns that the flowers can be ordered online from London, UK and sent to her aunt in Birmingham, UK and will arrive early Saturday morning, even before anyone else in the family arrives.

She begins to look at all the different options that the online florist has to offer. Her only problem now is choosing from the several wonderful arraignments, types of flowers and plants, and even some other surprises such as balloons or chocolates.

With all the options that Evelyn has available such as the variety of flowers such as curcumas, freesias, gerberas, lilies, tropical flowers and plants; the style such as contemporary, elegant, or simple and even by color such as blue, orange, white and red, she could make a decision that would be sure to please her aunt. She could choose her aunts favorite flower, or color or even order an elegant arraignment. She decided first to click on Birthdays to see what they suggested.

Under birthdays, she had a wonderful choice of a Gerbera bouquet, yellow roses in a stunning vase, and even a desert rose in its own vase. She knew that any of these unique and wonderful flower arraignments would put a smile on her auntís face. All the flowers were in her budget and she ordered her flowers online and went to sleep with peace of mind. The online florist saved her from her dilemma, her aunt was overjoyed with the flowers and her meeting was a success.

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Natalie Aranda is a freelance writer. She spent a summer in UK in 1998. She enjoyed the online shopping experience with a flower shop in Sheffield for Liverpool flower delivery


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