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Birthday Gift Ideas: For Boys

Puppy When you think of little boys, it is easy to see a little puppy running alongside them in your mindís eye. As a result, if you are looking for an extra special birthday or holiday gift then consider buying a puppy or even adopting one. There are many dog breeds that are wonderful with children and kids will learn responsibility as well by having their own dog. Make sure your child is an animal lover before buying a puppy for him. If you feel your child is ready for a puppy, then go ahead and buy him one. Kids love animals and it is a wonderful learning opportunity as well.

Model Cars Not too long ago model cars were a very popular gift for boys and most boys wanted one. Today many young boys are only concerned with playing video games that they donít even know about model cars. Consider surprising your son with a model car so that he can learn how to put something together and appreciate the time and effort involved. It may take some coercing but it is very likely your little boy will love a model car after he gets used to the idea! Department stores, dollar stores, and even the Internet are great resources for finding the right model car for your little man.

Just ask him. He's your best source of gift ideas. He'll have a long list of things he wants.

Scanning these magic words to spark unique gift ideas.

  • Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Boots
  • Personalized children's novel
  • Capsela Robot Racer
  • Moon Shoes
  • Kid's Race Track Table & Chair Set
  • A filed trip
  • Digital camera, iPod
  • Remote control soccer table top Game
  • Virtual reality game
  • Lord of Ring, Harry Potter
  • GI Joe action figures
  • Family tree, family history
  • Origin of his name
  • Ancestral records, heritage
  • Family reunion


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