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Birthday Gift Ideas: For Kids

Water Slides With the temperatures so high and everyone looking for ways to cool off a great gift to give kids are water slides. These are time honored summer activities and all kids will love them no matter what. You can choose from water slides that are made of plastic that have little pools at the end that kids just slide into. Alternatively, you may want to buy one of the new inflatable water slides that the kids can slide down. Whatever you choose you will have quite a few options and any kids on your list to buy gifts for will be extremely happy with the gift. If you go for one of the big water slides, you may even give it as a joint gift!

Trampolines Trampolines are an excellent gift idea for kids because kids of all ages love them. If you are worried about the safety of trampolines you may always choose to buy the guardrails that enclose the trampoline and make it extra safe. This is a wonderful gift idea and kids will be surprised and excited with their trampoline. Be sure to buy a trampoline that is new and has certain safety features in place to ensure kids will have a safe place to jump and bounce around. Your local warehouse store sells trampolines in all sizes so check them out and see which one will make the best gift for the kids in your life.

These magic words may spark some creative gift ideas:

  • Pony tales pencils
  • Personalized children's novel
  • Capsela Robot Racer
  • Moon Shoes
  • Handpainted girls jewelry box
  • A filed trip
  • Got to movie theater for a new movie
  • Digital camera
  • Personalized musical jewelry armoire
  • Ballet dancers music & jewelry box
  • Barbie Bliss Obsession Box
  • Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Boots
  • Family tree, family history
  • Origin of names
  • Ancestral records, heritage,
  • Family reunion
  • Kid's Race Track Table & Chair Set
  • Virtual reality game
  • Lord of Ring, Harry Potter


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