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Birthday Gift Ideas: For Teen

Just ask the teenagers - your son, your daughter, your niece or your nephew. Teens are more creative than what most of grownups thought. They're your best source of gift ideas. They'll have a long list of things they want. Itís the thought that counts and the thought itself is the gift. Listening to what they say, you can come up with creative and unique birhday gift ideas.

These magic words may spark some creative gift ideas:

  • Pony Tales Pencils
  • Personalized children's novel
  • Handpainted girls jewelry box
  • A filed trip
  • Digital camera, iPod
  • Ballet dancers music & jewelry box
  • Barbie Bliss Obsession Box

  • Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Boots
  • Capsela Robot Racer
  • Moon Shoes
  • Kid's Race Track Table & Chair Set
  • Remote Control Soccer Table Top Game
  • Lord of Ring, Harry Potter
  • Horse, dog
  • Soccer shoes
  • Tickets to a baseball game, or football game


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