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Christmas Gift Ideas: Christmas Gift Cards that Show Your Thoughts

Caitlina Fuller

Itís almost that time of year again, which means you need to be getting your Christmas list together. Itís easier if you start earlier so you know everyone you will be buying Christmas gift cards for. Once you have your list then you can begin shopping Christmas gift cards at the mall, online, or even at the grocery store to find the perfect one for each person on your list.

The problem with unique Christmas gift cards is that while they are loved by the recipients they always seem a little impersonal. You may prefer to give a gift that is a little more thoughtful or that has a little more meaning. If that is the case then you can still give a gift card, but give it in a more personal way. For example, there are some really cute gift card holders you can buy to dress up the gift card that also serve double duty afterwards. Some cute wallet styled gift card holders work well because they hold the gift card but are useful to the recipient as a wallet afterward. Of course, if you donít like this idea then there are many others you can use. A fun one for gardeners or plant enthusiasts is to buy a plant or flower and use one of those card sticks in the plant but instead of a card use the gift card! This is a fun idea and nobody will even realize there is a gift card in the plant because they will expect it to be a simple card and nothing else. If you are really intent on giving a personal gift but feel a gift card is a better idea you can write a heartfelt note to accompany the gift card. Even include the gift you would like for them to buy with the card. For example, if you want to buy them a piece of jewelry or else a special outfit but are unsure of styles, sizes, and colors then a gift card really is a better idea. The recipient can then choose the gift they want and they will always remember it was a gift from you!

Gift cards donít have to be thoughtless gifts. Instead, they can actually be very thoughtful if you simply put your mind to it and focus on creative ways to make the gift card special.


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