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Christmas Gift Ideas: For Boys

A boy will tell you exactly what he wants, have him make a list or peek at Santaís list. He will be your best resource of gift ideas. He will be sure to have a long list of things he wants for Christmas.

A Nice Backpack A nice backpack is a cool and versatile gift for boys. Not only is it perfect for them to take to school and carry their books and notebooks in, but it also works wonderfully to carry extra clothes, sports equipment, or anything else boys might need. Make sure you buy a name brand backpack, or one that is comparable that will be cool and worthy of carrying around not to mention a masculine color like black, grey, red, or something similar. Any color that could be considered feminine should be avoided for boys. If you follow those basic rules you will get a great gift for the boys in your life.

Video Games Video games are one of the most popular gifts with boys these days and it is likely to stay that way for quite some time. Boys just love playing video games and the more they play the more they want to play. If you don't want to give the gift away by asking what games they already have then consider buying a gift card to a video game store where the boy can buy the game he wants without having to spend his own money. This is an awesome gift idea for any boy in your life who loves playing video games.

Wall Decal Boys love sports and when they reach a certain age, sports are everything to them! Find a wall decal of his favorite sports team or favorite player. Fatheads are extremely popular and make perfect items to fulfill a gift like this. If he doesnít particularly have a favorite team or player, get a general sports theme decal that will show of his love for either baseball, basketball, soccer, or any other sport. You can get one large one or a few smaller ones to make a collage. Either way, he will be sure to love his sports-themed walls!

Remote Control Toys You canít go wrong with anything that is remote controlled for a boy. They love the action of the toy and the ability to control what it does. This goes beyond the typical remote control cars, as there are trucks, Jeeps, motorcycles, helicopters, and airplanes. Some of these toys are even made for water, mud, dirt, and rocks. There is no telling what trouble a boy can get his remote control toy into, but now it is sure not to break or malfunction. Find one he is sure to play with the most and do the least damage with!

More Gift Ideas

  • Walkie-Talkies
  • Scooter
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • PlayStation PSP
  • Legos, building blocks

  • Skateboard
  • Nerf guns
  • Pet
  • Bicycle
  • Football, soccer ball

  • Baseball bat, glove
  • Drumset, musical instruments
  • Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Boots
  • Personalized Children's Novel
  • Capsela Robot Racer

  • Kid's Race Track Table & Chair Set
  • GI Joe action figures
  • Superman suit
  • Harry Potter collectables
  • Digital Camera

  • Remote Control Soccer Table
  • Top-Rated Game
  • Virtual Reality Game
  • Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter
  • Pedal Planes


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