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Christmas Gift Ideas: For Dad

Nothing means more to a dad than a handmade gift from their kids. Dads love anything their kids make for them! Make dad feel appreciated with a special gift just for him.

A New Cell Phone A new cell phone is a wonderful gift for your dad. Not only will you be able to stay in touch with him when you need him, but he will also be able to keep in touch with you! Dads are always on call for their children whether it is for an emergency loan or to change a tire, so having dad close by is important and a cell phone makes it even easier to stay in touch. There are all kinds of cell phones out there from cheap to expensive. Check out the features, colors, and styles available and then pick one that looks good for your dad!

A Bottle of Whisky Think what bottle of whisky is your dad's favorite and then buy him a pint or a half gallon, depending on how often he drinks, with some nice crystal whisky glasses. Your dad will love this gift and he will enjoy it every night for weeks or months when he has a drink. Some dads like to have a nice drink every night after dinner or before they go to bed and giving him a gift like this will allow him that luxury. Make sure you buy a nice bottle of whisky your dad will enjoy and give it to him on his birthday, at Christmas, or any other time you need to give dad a gift!

Digital Picture Frame Keep dadís spirits up with a digital picture frame. Load all the great and happy family picture onto it and give it to him for his desk at work. Being able to see his family and the happy memories will make work more pleasant and remind him how loved he is. A digital picture frame allows for many photos to be on one frame, so this can be a great addition to his desk at work or even at home. Pictures of his kidsí smiling faces will remind him why he works so hard for his family. This is a great gift to give any father, at any age, for any occasion!

Cufflinks A pair of sterling silver or gold cufflinks for you dad is a great present! All men should own at least one pair of cufflinks to complete an outfit. Cufflinks are a subtle, yet fashionable way a man can accessorize. It can instantly take a casual button down shirt and make it into formal shirt. A great pair of cufflinks can be worn occasionally or even daily, depending on your dadís style. Cufflinks can even be monogrammed with his initials, making the gift very personal. Give dad something he wouldnít normally buy for himself that tells him he is loved and appreciated!

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