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Christmas Gift Ideas: For Grandparents

Grandma and grandpa love anything their grandkids make for them - cards, picture and flowers.

Framed Portrait of the Grandchildren. A great gift for grandparents is a framed portrait of the grandchildren. By the time people get to the age where they are grandparents they usually have everything they could need or want and they are so proud of their grandkids that all they want to do is show them off. So, what better way to help them do this than to get portraits made and give them in a nice frame for Christmas, birthdays, or any other special occasion. You will love the smile on your grandparents' faces when they open up a beautiful framed portrait of their pride and joy, their grandkids!

Digital Camera A digital camera is a wonderful gift for grandparents because they probably don't have a quality camera that takes beautiful pictures. And, grandparents love to take pictures of their grandkids. That's what makes a digital camera such a great idea! Some grandparents may need an hour worth of instructions but before long they will be taking pictures with their digital camera and emailing them to all their friends and family. There is no better way to keep grandparents enjoying their grandkids than by giving them a digital camera to help them capture all those special moments.

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