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Christmas Gift Ideas: A Brieft History of Christmas

Caitlina Fuller

The history of Christmas is thousands of years old, more than 4000 in fact. Many people believe that Christmas began when Christ was born, but there were actually many Christmas traditions that took place before Christ was ever born. These traditions included Christmas gifts, Yule logs, the 12 days of Christmas, carolers, parades, church processions, holiday feasts, and more. All of these traditions are from Mesopotamia and have a really long history, which is amazing that we still continue many of these traditions after so many years.

When Christ was born that really solidified the religious side of Christmas, but the other traditions like gift giving, stockings, and Santa Clause continued and so this holiday became one that mixed many cultures and beliefs into one very happy season. Of course, when Christianity began the idea of Christmas being a time when pagans celebrated was not very happy. In fact, some churches forbid celebrations that could be confused with pagan celebrations. However, in time, the church started focusing on Christmas and Christ and hosting celebrations fit for a king.

Some people say that Christ was not born on December 25, but rather Christians decided to celebrate his birth that day in order to compete with the paganís December celebrations. This was speculated because the Persians and the Romans alike considered the 25th of December sacred despite not being Christians. During this time frame, one of Christianityís biggest rivals was Mithraism and Christians wanted to take away from the pagan festivals and make the Christian celebration more joyful and more important. Who knows if this is exactly how history played out, but one thing for sure is that Christmas is a joyful and happy time. Regardless of whether Christ was really born on December 25 or that is simply the day we celebrate it, this has become a very special time for Christians worldwide as well as those who do not believe.

Today, Christmas still includes many of the traditions mentioned here as well as new ones. Christians still celebrate this day as the day their Savior was born and many others simply celebrate the day as a time of family togetherness and gift giving. Since Christmas has been celebrated for thousands of years, it is pretty safe to say that the celebration will continue for many thousands of years into the future and very likely until eternity.


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