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Christmas Gift Ideas: Meanings of Christmas Gifts

Caitline Fuller

Christmas has been celebrated for thousands of years and Christmas gifts have been part of that celebration as well. It is interesting to think that in today’s society many of us come up blank when it comes to Christmas gift ideas. And, this happens in a world of convenience where you can find literally anything you can think of for sale at your local store or over the Internet. If you are having problems thinking of a Christmas gift for those on your Christmas gift then think how hard this must have been for people 100 years ago or even 1000 years ago. During these times people did not have the luxury of running into Wal Mart or even a dollar store to pick up a little something affordable for that special someone. Instead, what they did was make gifts or save their money all year to buy something special. Usually, people received one Christmas gift and that was it. There were not mountains of toys under the tree or lots of gifts for every person. Sometimes, cakes, pies, or cookies were the only gifts given or received and many times only children received a gift because there was not enough money to go around for everyone.

Many times mothers would make their children and husbands a new set of clothes and that would be their Christmas gift. Other times people would give a live chicken, duck, or goat as a gift. It really came down to what one had and what they were willing to give. This usually showed a side of giving that we do not see today. Sure, we gripe about the amount of money Christmas gifts cost but we do not actually give things of our own to others that would cause us to sacrifice in order to give the gift. Perhaps this is the biggest difference in gift giving over the years. Perhaps this is the biggest difference in gift giving today because today people give out of obligation and years ago people gave from their heart. So, the meanings of Christmas gifts have really changed over the years. And, while people still give from their heart it is not the same or as simple as it was many years ago. We would all benefit by going back in time and becoming less self absorbed and more concerned about others and sharing a special holiday like Christmas with the family.


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