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Graduation Gift Ideas: 8th Grade

This is a special time in a child’s life where they get to leave their young years behind and enter high school. Everything will change, from classroom structure to sports. Support them in a transition that can sometimes be a little scary, yet exciting at the same time. Celebrate this day with a gift that shows that they are no longer a young kid, but rather a more mature person.

Blank Journal Inscribed - Give them a journal where they can vent their feelings during a strange time in their lives. Inscribe it with some encouraging words that although this transition may be a little intimidating, they are entering the best years of their lives. Urge them to keep a journal of their years in high school so one day they can look back and have vivid memories of the years spent in high school.

Specially Chosen Book - Get a book that will inspire them to keep going forward, no matter how unfamiliar or overwhelming the time may seem. The perfect book is “Oh! The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Suess. It is an inspirational book on life and how the ups and downs that are inevitable and the different emotions and places in life that will occur.

Prepaid Cell Phone - Some parents feel that 8th or 9th grade is still too young for a cell phone, if this is the case get them a prepaid cell phone that they can use when permitted. To refill the minutes, they can earn the money with a part time job or chores around the house. This is a great way to teach them about accountability and responsibility without breaking the bank.

Caricature - Get a professional Caricature drawn for them from their 8th grade school picture. Caricatures typically include things that the person is involved with or likes, so their sports and other extra-curricular activities can be drawn in too. This is great and inexpensive present that is sure to memorialize their middle school years and create a few laughs too.

Other gift ideas:

  • Personalized t-shirt
  • Enlarged photo of friends
  • High school gear
  • Backpack
  • Wireless Controller for gaming console

  • Xbox Live account


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