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Graduation Gift Ideas: College Graduation Gift Ideas

This has been a long and hard road for many college graduates and they deserve to be honored with some sort of recognition. The best way to show you care and appreciate their commitment to their education is with a gift. There are many options out there for a new graduate and almost anything can turn into a gift, especially for college graduates! They will soon be on the road to having a professional style life, so help them get their feet wet with grown-up gifts or maybe something to remind them that life has just started!

Key to Success Necklace - Now that they are finished with school and headed to the real world; send them off with a good luck charm with a statement, a key to success necklace. This necklace, shaped like a key, will lift their spirits and tell them that the world is at their fingertips. This is an inspirational yet stylish gift that is extremely proper for a new graduate.

Leather Notebook - Show the new grad how professional they will look with a personalized leather notebook that they can use for interviews, at work, or at home. This is a great gift that will certainly be put to good use. Have their name inscribed in the leather and give them a gift of sophistication on their big day. This is truly a classy gift that will speak volumes!

Designer Pen - Tired of the same old disposable pen, a new graduate will love a designer pen as a graduation gift. This is a nice addition to any office supplies they have and will look sharp on their desk at their new job. A pen like this is classy and shows importance. Give them a gift they will treasure and hold on to for years to come!

Adult Piggy Bank - This fun gift can make light of any college graduates situation. As the stress of finding a job, especially in a down economy, they will see the humor in this gift. The piggy bank asks you to save a dollar for parking, a quarter for therapy, and a few cents for retirement. This is such a fun and appropriate gift for any grad as they all know the foreseen financial hardships that could lie ahead.

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