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Graduation Gift Ideas: for Him

Give the man in your life something special for his graduation. Whether he is graduating from high school, college, or medical school, send him off with a gift that shows how proud you are of him. This is a special time for him and giving him a gift that he will love will make any new transition a little easier.

Pocket compass - This unique gift will quickly become an heirloom. A hand-crafted, working compass the size and style of a pocket watch makes a great decoration piece for an office. It even features a world map to add to its beauty. This is something that he wouldn’t expect, yet will instantly be something he treasures. Have the stainless steel engraved with his initials to make it more personal.

Monogrammed Golf Club Links - For the golfer in your life, give him a set of golf club links that are monogrammed with his initials or even get their full name engraved. This is a perfect gift as it personalizes his golf clubs and they are made out of aluminum so it doesn’t interfere with their swing. These are made with a brushed silver or gold finish, so it can be made to suit him perfectly.

Tie tack - Send him off on his job interviews in style with a classy tie tack. This is simple gift that will help him stand out either at an interview or at his new job. These can come in virtually any stone or color, so choose one that fits his personality and style or get one engraved to make it extra unique. These are an understated accessory that can really transform a man’s tie without going too far. This is a perfect gift for any new grad!

Gadget Charging Station - With all of his tech gadgets give him something that can charge everything at once, as charging station. This universal charging station allows him to charge his phone, iPod, and PDA all while hiding the unsightly cords. It also has enough room for his keys, wallet, and watch so all of his personal items can be together. No more leaving something behind, uncharged, or tangled in wires!

Other gift ideas:

  • Globe
  • Leather cigar case
  • Tie rack
  • Golf pen set
  • Class ring

    Item tracker

  • Handheld scanner
  • Personalized cigar cutter
  • Toiletry case
  • Roll-up keyboard


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