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Graduation Gift Ideas: High School Graduation Gifts

This is the day high school students have been waiting for. After 4 long years they are finally free and get to start their lives. This is a bittersweet time for most and there are a lot of happy and sad tears that follow. It has been a long journey for these students and honoring the huge amounts of effort that was put in to getting to this day will mean a lot to them. Show them how proud you are of them with a gift that can help them transition into the real world, or a gift that lets them hold on to their childhood a little longer. Dorm room and first apartment gifts are the most popular to give as living by themselves is a whole new territory for them.

Pearl Necklace - A pearl necklace is a very special and classic gift to give a girl for graduation. Pearls arenít something you can give for any occasion, but graduation is a perfect time. Although it isnít a necklace that is worn daily, it can be something she treasures and keeps for a lifetime. These will be perfect for any formal events she has in the upcoming years, so give her the beautiful and elegant gift of pearls!

iPod Alarm Clock - Since mom wonít be there to help wake them up for class, give the new graduate an iPod alarm clock. This is a great item for any new college student as being on time is crucial during the college years. Their iPod connects easily to this clock, designed like an old alarm clock. It even offers a snooze button for those early morning classes.

Poker Game Set - Although they are not technically adults, they can have a friendly game of poker in their dorm rooms. Playing with chips that have no money value can be a great tradition for new college students to create with their friends. Poker is a game of skill and thinking, so give them a game set and let them feel like kids all the while playing an intense game of cards.

College Gear - Graduating from high school and moving on to college is a whole new world. People take pride in the college they go to, so start off their collection of college gear with a new sweatshirt, poster, blanket, or hat. Their new school logo can be put on just about anything, so let them show their school spirit with coffee mugs they are sure to use every morning or shot glasses for when they are old enough to drink.

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