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Graduation Gift Ideas: Law School

Whether this gift is before or after they take their bar exam, it will be a welcomed gesture to commend them for finishing law school. Any type of graduate school is hard and law school happens to be one of the most demanding. Give them a gift to observe their hard work and the time they put into getting where they are today! Law students typically go straight into their field of work, so getting them office accessories is a great present.

Desk clock - A mahogany desk clock with golden trim on the clock is such a wonderful gift idea for a law school graduate. This regal clock can even be personalized with a small plaque, making it a truly unique and one of kind gift. Some of these clocks even come as a pen holder too, so it can be an extra special gift for the new lawyer. The pens can match the gold trim on the clock, one pen on each side, to make it even more elegant looking.

Lady Justice - Give the gift that will remind them of why they went into law in the first place, a Lady Justice gift. This can either be a small statue or a framed print for their new office. Lady Justice represents what is right morally and the punishment of a breach of what is right. It also conveys the adage of “Justice is blind.” This is a perfect gift for any new law grad as they were taught how to equally and fairly practice law.

U.S. Constitution Framed - A gift of this magnitude speaks volumes as they will appreciate something so significant. Get a copy of the U.S. Constitution made out of a special paper that makes it look like a genuine document. Set it in a nice frame so they can hang it in their new office and be reminded what our country stands for on the legal end. Any new law grad will love a gift like this and it will compliment any office!

Leather Briefcase - Any new professional will need a new briefcase, especially a lawyer. Give them a gift that they will use for years to come. A nice leather briefcase is such a classy gift and can be personalized too. Get a metal tag engraved with their name or get their initials embossed on the actual leather for a unique gift. This is something they are guaranteed to love and use, so show how proud you are with a tasteful gift of a briefcase.

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  • Wall Street Journal subscription
  • Rolling laptop case
  • Leather briefcase
  • Fountain pen
  • Declaration of Independence

  • Bill of Rights
  • Justice Scales
  • Digital voice recorder
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