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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: A Guide for Choosing Perfect Mother's Day Flowers

Caitlina Fuller

The perfect Motherís Day flowers are the flowers that your mom or wife loves the best! Many husbands and children present their wives and mothers with flowers on Motherís Day however these types of Motherís Day gifts can be hit or miss. Itís true that almost all women love flowers, but you need to know which flowers are their favorite. For example, if your mom hates lilies and your great Motherís Day gift ideas include lilies then she wonít be all that impressed. After all it is Motherís Day and you should know your mom or wife well enough to know her favorite flowers and those she doesnít like so much. However, if you find yourself thinking that you would love to give your wife or mom flowers for Motherís Day but donít know off hand what flowers are her favorites then you should start thinking about a way to find out now. You could start talking about some beautiful roses you saw one day and see how she responds. If she says she likes roses but loves irises more than you have hit the jackpot and know that irises would be a fabulous Motherís Day gift.

However, if you are far away or have absolutely no way of figuring out what flower is your wife or momís favorite then a great standby is roses. Roses of any color will almost always be a hit so you can always use this flower for your mom if you fail to come up with anything else. But, think for a second whether or not your Mom likes to garden. If so consider giving her a rose bush or other types of flowers that she can plant in her garden and remember you every time they bloom! Flowers from a florist are beautiful; however they are expensive and die quickly. Think how many flowers you could get for your money at a greenhouse and how beautiful your momís garden could be!

Another great way to select flowers for Motherís Day is to simply buy a bouquet of mixed flowers at the grocery store and mix in some flowers from your yard to make an extra special bouquet. But, no matter what type of flowers you give your mom for Motherís Day you can pretty much count on her loving them. The point is to make your mom feel special and appreciated and if you take her flowers and spend the day with her then you will have accomplished that.


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