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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: How to Make a Mother's Day Gift Basket

Caitlina Fuller

This time of year there are a lot of Motherís Day gift ideas floating around however if you arenít sure what to give your mom then you might want to consider a Motherís Day gift basket. There are a lot of creative ideas you can come up with to make your Motherís gift basket extra special. There are plenty of Motherís Day gifts that you can go out to the store and buy including perfume, clothes, flowers, and more. However, a gift basket is a great way to personalize the gift and make it extra special.

One thing to think about is your momís favorite thing or hobby. If you can come up with something your mom really loves then making a Motherís day gift basket will be really easy. For example, your mom loves coffee so you can make that your starting point. Buy a nice dark colored basket that has plenty of room. A wide shallow basket or a deep round one. Then, pick out some nice coffee mugs or travel tumblers depending on which ones would work best for your mom. Then, go buy some organic coffee beans or fresh ground if she doesnít have a grinder, and include that in the basket. You might want to add two types of coffee from caffeinated to decaffeinated or several small sample bags of coffee that have different flavors. There are some great coffee flavors out there and if your mom likes flavored coffee this can go in the basket as well. There is nothing better to eat with coffee than biscotti, so buy a nice box and include it or else make a batch of your own to include. If your mom doesnít like biscotti consider a nice coffee cake, toffees, or some shortbread cookies that would go well with the coffee.

Once you have all the necessary items for your coffee basket you will need to arrange them in an attractive way. This means adding some straw or even coffee beans in the basket to stick the gifts into. Once you have everything arranged then you can add a note card that says what you are thinking and let your mom know how much she means to you. This is just one idea for a gift basket for Motherís Day although there are lots of other great ideas as well. Think if your mom is a tennis player, gardener or anything else that she really loves. When you come up with the idea just think of related items you could place in a basket and you will create a personalized and very special Motherís Day gift.


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