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Wedding Gifts and Wedding Favors: History of Wedding Favors

Natalie Aranda

When planning a wedding be sure to give special attention to the wedding favors. Wedding favors are given to guests as a thank you to friends and family for sharing in your special day.

Do you know what one thing is a favorite for not only wedding favor ideas but wedding gift ideas too? Candy! If you don't know the couple very well or are just at a loss as to what to give them, a gourmet box of chocolate candy is sure to please.

To add a keepsake value to the candy wedding favor, many brides to be choose decorative boxes or baskets to hold the candy that guests can display and use in their homes to remember the day for years to come. The boxes and baskets can be decorated with the colors and theme of the wedding, and personalized to include the couple's names, initials or help to tell the story of their lives and achievements with their design.

The favor boxes and baskets are then filled with chocolate candy of all types. Chocolate kisses can be found wrapped in many different colors of foil, or you can have them specialty wrapped to color coordinate with the wedding.  Chocolate truffles, chocolate dipped pretzels, and chocolate-coated nuts are among the favorites to include. For variety, add some bite size versions of the all time favorite candy bar, hard candy in a variety of flavors and colors and don't forget the candy cane. Candy canes now come in gourmet flavors and colors and with a bow tied around them make a nice addition to the mix. A candy cane with card attached to the bow can also serve dual function as a placeholder and an after dinner mint.

Everyone loves candy and will find something in the box that makes their mouth water. The key to a great candy favor box is variety and of course the container. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Boxes can be paper, wooden, glass or crystal. The candy assortment can be wrapped in colored foil, tissue paper, any style of transparent gift-wrap or small fabric bags. Confetti placed inside adds a fun & festive touch and a pretty bow tied around it another.  This type of candy favor can also be tied around a larger favor such as a candle or bath salts. Baskets are very versatile and used later by the guests to hold keys, jewelry, and other small items around their home.

When picking your wedding gift ideas, whatever your decision, be sure to include some candy. Chocolate candy, hard candy, the candy bar and candy cane bring out the child in all of us. And who knows better how to laugh, have fun and enjoy a special day better than children?  


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