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Wedding Gifts and Wedding Favors: Wedding Flower Ideas

If the wedding dress is the spotlight of a wedding, wedding flowers creates a romantic atmosphere for the wedding. They add color, texture, fragrance, beauty and distinction to the wedding. The beauty of the flowers symbolizes the beauty, the fidelity and the fertility of the bride.

The bridal bouquet traditionally uses either white or cream flowers such as lilies, stephanotis, orchids, roses, gardenias, or carnations. Your florist will have advise on how bridal gown, guest's dresses, wedding flowers and the bridesmaidís flowers can play in harmony.

Roses and Greenery Roses and greenery are excellent wedding flower ideas simply because they are so beautiful, classic, and available in so many colors. Regardless of your wedding style or colors there are roses available. Reds, pinks, whites, greens, yellows, oranges, and every color in between are available in roses. Roses are beautiful alone or accompanied by a variety of greenery. Choose different colors of greenery to give the flowers an original look. The roses you choose will depend significantly on the formality of the wedding and whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding. Choose colors that reflect your wedding dress, wedding colors, and location.

Calla Lilies Choosing wedding flowers is not an easy decision simply because there are so many different flowers to choose from. One excellent option is the calla lily simply because it is elegant, classy, and beautiful. These flowers have long green stems and a white open flower. They may be purchased in off white, pink, purple, and even with a green hue. These flowers are gorgeous as a bride's bouquet or in decorations on church pews, in wreaths, or even on the cake. Calla lilies are one of the most popular wedding flowers out there.

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