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Wedding Gifts and Wedding Favors: Wedding Ring Ideas

It is a tradition that the bride wear her wedding ring closest to the heart, and wear the engagement ring over the wedding ring on the third finger. You've already set the tone for the wedding ring When you propose to her "would you marry me?". A wedding ring is usually a perfect match for the engagement ring if you love this tradition. She may prefer a unique wedding ring other than a ring that was designed to match her engagement ring.

Eternity Ring The wedding ring has a lot of competition because the engagement ring is usually a larger diamond and it overpowers the wedding ring. This does not necessarily have to be the case and the wedding ring can be beautiful on its own. One great idea for a wedding band is an eternity ring. These are bands that have diamonds going all around the ring so no matter where she holds her hand you can see diamonds. This is a gorgeous ring, timeless, and will look beautiful with any engagement ring she may already have.

Classic Band The classic band is a traditional option when it comes to wedding bands. It looks beautiful with any engagement ring no matter how big or small and may be purchased in a wide range of metals and widths. For example choose a white gold band that is thin and simple or else choose a yellow gold band that is wider. Be sure to buy the wedding ring and engagement ring in the same color metal. The classic bands are usually affordable and a wonderful way to start out a marriage if you are on a budget. You can always add more diamonds later on!

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